War on talent versus saying goodbye to employees

In the year 2019 the war on talent is back. Many organisations have hard to fill vacancies. As a potential employer you must be appealing to future employees. In other words, your employer brand must appeal to the imagination. That means that the entire HR process must be right from start to finish. That also means saying goodbye to departing employees on a positive note. It should be so positive, that these former employees could be brand ambassadors for your organisation. Imagine that a sought after professional with a rare expertise does not want to be employed by you because of an angry former employee who shared their story at a party. That would be a real shame.

Outplacement can play an important role in the war on talent.

Traditional outplacement, especially for employees in the later stages of their career

Outplacement agencies now specialise mainly in assisting candidates in the later stages of their career; this group often requires intensive support and sometimes also has a considerable distance to the labour market. This means that for employees in other age categories, for example between 25 and 45, there is not really a suitable trajectory available. With this group of professionals it is not about learning to apply for jobs again, but about applying focus in the search for a new and suitable work environment and putting the dot on the horizon. Questions arising among professionals are: how will I look my best, how can I add value and how does my career become sustainable? That is, how do I stay relevant for my future employer?

Brand Ambassadorship and OutplacementOnline

If you, as an employer, offer a trajectory that does not respond to developments in the labour market and the experience of the contemporary candidate, what are the chances of an ex-employee becoming a brand ambassador

However, the question is what suits candidates of today? Smartphones, internet purchases, Netflix, Spotify: it is impossible to imagine life without them nowadays. This is also reflected in the street scene: physical stores are having a hard time and parcel deliverers too. Internet plays a major role in consumer behaviour. The labour market also operates almost exclusively on the internet. Where in the past there were job vacancies in the newspaper, now these are only published on the internet.

In fact, it is only logical to offer online outplacement based on these developments. It is important to choose the most interactive service possible for this. Interactive webinars and online coaches providing high-quality guidance via an online connection. Practice shows that candidates like to get started online, but need interaction and contact, such as coaching and an online community.

By embracing this way of outplacement, you enable candidates to get started with an innovative suitable trajectory. This undoubtedly influences the way an employee feels when leaving. They may become a brand ambassador who inspires the highly sought after professional to apply to you.