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OutplacementOnline: the modern and fresh alternative to outplacement

OutplacementOnline offers online and innovative outplacement services, including webinars, online coaching, community and gamification.

We respond to various developments. Life-long employability with one employer is decreasing considerably. Would it be a good idea to expand the outplacement offer for employees, in line with this development? That means outplacement for today; suitable for employees who are at the start, middle or later stages of their career.

The OutplacementOnline platform is available 24/7. This enables the candidate to easily get started and determine the intensity of the trajectory - from home and when it suits them.

Webinars are offered on a weekly basis and various services are continuously available, such as the assessment practice centre, the job search engine and the use of gamification. This means that the candidate will find a new challenge much more quickly.

Thanks to the online concept and the smart use of technology, we can achieve a 30% to 40% cost reduction compared to traditional outplacement, without loss of quality. We understand better than anyone that a smooth but well-considered step in your career is very important. That it should be effective and appropriate, rather than a long and difficult process.

How do we set ourselves apart:

  • Great addition to current outplacement offer for employees.
  • Efficient and innovative.
  • A reduction in outplacement costs through innovation



OutplacementOnline are the first to offer an innovative, online service through a fully interactive platform.

The OutplacementOnline platform is available 24/7; that means you can get started when it suits you. During the intake, there will be an introduction to the platform where all functionalities will be explained in detail. We have chosen an accessible setup, to make it is easy for every professional to use the platform independently.

Every candidate has a unique set of skills, characteristics and wishes. These are the starting point of each trajectory. This is supported with various services that the platform offers. Services on the platform:

  • The online community
  • Assessment practice centre
  • Various webinars
  • Online coaching sessions
  • Gamification
  • Labour market opportunities monitor
  • Personal Branding
  • Application Video
  • Online inspiration sessions with experienced professionals


A trajectory is mapped out with the coach, but a candidate can also put together their own trajectory.


Innovation in outplacement

We are the agency for innovative online outplacement, with a fully interactive service. The change in needs of candidates and organisations on the one hand and developments in the labour market on the other are the foundation of OutplacementOnline.

Practice showed that candidates wanted to look to the future and also wanted to be facilitated in starting the trajectory independently. And there was a curiosity about developments in the labour market and how people could best respond to that. The use of online tools and the introduction of innovative services was received enthusiastically by our candidates. As a result of this feedback and curiosity, we have increasingly focused on innovation in outplacement. We have started offering more services online to bridge the gap between our candidates and the current job market. We then took the step towards a fully online concept.

Outplacement and the needs of candidates today.

We have experienced that this innovative concept fits well with the experience of outplacement candidates today. These days the internet plays a significant role in our lives, both privately and professionally. The smartphone is indispensable, we do a lot of online shopping, people often have different subscriptions such as Netflix and Spotify. We have simply made the connection between online habits and practices on the one hand and the online labour market on the other. In addition, practice shows that candidates feel we meet their needs with regard to guidance in outplacement.

Furthermore, these professionals are able to find a new challenge more easily and are guided in focusing and putting the dot on the horizon. According to our candidates this is great added value.

OutplacementOnline is based on organisational psychology. The coaches and webinar specialists are of a high level and have proven themselves within the market.


When the candidate is registered or signs up, they will receive login details for the platform that allows them to take a look around. The candidate will then receive an invitation for an online intake. The candidate is introduced to the platform during the intake.

Based on the intake, the candidate will be matched with a coach within OutplacementOnline. An important aspect for the success of the trajectory is the connection between candidate and coach. We pay a lot of attention to this.

The candidate can use the services of OutplacementOnline in two ways. A trajectory can be set up with the coach that fits the situation and any wishes for the future. Or you can choose to set up the trajectory yourself and decide when to use the services in the platform.

These days it is important to practice leadership in one's own career. Due to the way in which we offer the trajectory at OutplacementOnline, we facilitate people directing their own process and determining the course.



Stand out in the crowdthat's our focus at OutplacementOnline and we believe this is reserved for everyone. Everyone is unique and has their own set of qualities and skills. Now it is important to put that in the spotlight at the next employer.

At OutplacementOnline we focus on a sustainable step in your career. You are at the beginning, the middle or the later stages of your career and so much is possible. We are happy to look at what these possibilities are with you and how you can positively continue your career. Does this mean a switch to another branch, position or self employment? We are here to help. Now is your chance to not just land your next job, but to make a solid choice based on your unique set of characteristics. We will map these characteristics with you, so you can communicate this effectively with your new employer.

Why choose OutplacementOnline?

  • Control your process
  • Innovative trajectory that helps you find a job faster
  • Together we will put your dot on the horizon
  • Platform available 24/7
  • Get started from home
  • Join an online community


Innovation available for every candidate

As an employer you want to part with departing employees on a positive note. Preferably with an appropriate outplacement process, so both parties are left with a positive feeling about the collaboration and the employee can make a smooth and good start with the next employer. You've come to the right address at OutplacementOnline. We offer an innovative and interactive online outplacement process. Due to the design of the process, candidates will find a job more quickly and are able to anticipate developments in the labour market. We believe it is important that innovation in outplacement is available for every candidate.

The labour market has changed a lot lately. A few years ago, flexibilisation began and now there is a growing shortage. As an employer you are increasingly dealing with the battle for talent. The employer brand must be right and those sought-after professionals must want to work for your organisation. Employer branding involves marketing and ambassadorship of employees and former employees.

Appropriate outplacement contributes to your employer brand

Many organisations use traditional outplacement. We think that this outplacement will continue to exist for the time being for employees who leave after a long employment. However, it would be good for your employer brand to offer a high-quality and suitable trajectory for all employees. Not simply learning to apply for jobs again, but planning and further organisation of your career. Less emphasis on reducing the distance to the labour market, but more a smooth move to a new job. So that all former employees look back positively on their goodbyes and will recommend your organisation to potential employees.

We flawlessly integrate developments in the market in our services for the benefit of our candidates.

OutplacementOnline understands the importance of your employer brand and is happy to contribute to this.

Are you curious about the platform? We would be happy to make a no-obligation appointment with you to explain the options.


Employer Branding and Outplacement

In the year 2019 the war on talent is back. Many organisations have hard to fill vacancies. As a potential employer you must be appealing to future employees. In other words, your employer brand must appeal to the imagination. That means that the entire HR process must be right from start to finish. That also means saying goodbye to departing employees on a positive note. It should be so positive, that these former employees could be brand ambassadors for your organisation. Imagine that a sought after professional with a rare expertise does not want to be employed by you because of an angry former employee who shared their story at a party. That would be a real shame.

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